Friday, December 13, 2019

Week 17 Final Post

I would like to start off with how much I actually enjoyed this class! From the weekly blog posts to actually applying them to our business pages, I really learned a lot. Social media has never really been a big part of my life and therefore I've never really cared for it's benefits. Once I got certified and started training my clients, I realized that social media is actually a free advertising platform, not only a social media platform to message and keep up with friends.

My use of social media has changed over this semester by actually starting and growing my business Instagram. It started with posts I thought people wanted to see but have now learned otherwise. Using the interesting tools shown to us in this semester, I am able to now learn more about the specifics of the users that visit my Instagram or website. This has changed my use of social media to focus on preparing a lot of content for future posts, compared to before when I wasn't posting at all.

There has not been a huge impact on my business just yet, but I have gained 2 clients just through this semester. However I have gained a huge amount of interactions, of which 2 decided to hire me! These interaction are all very similar and although that might not sound good it does to me! I have now created categories of common questions I receive and am prepared to respond to most of my followers questions now.

I really believe that with a consistent schedule, I can really utilize all of the tools I've learned over this semester to actually make an impact to increase customers and interactions. I still feel like I have a long way to go. Over the next few months I will be studying other similar business pages and outlining a social media marketing plan. Although I learned a lot from this course specifically, I think there are finer details that can really help my Instagram page, especially in the fitness industry.

I still have my personal Instagram account but realized that creating one for my business allows my friends and followers to stay updated on my posts. I think the best plan for me is to just start posting. Gradually over the next few months I will tweak every post to increase the engagement and target a specific market. Thanks for everything Claudia, I really enjoyed this course!!

Monday, December 9, 2019

Week 16 Blog Post 1:

I actually enjoyed writing the blogs the most. Although what I wrote in my blogs were interesting as well, I really believe that writing blogs is similar to brainstorming. I think I'll be starting a personal blog to keep me on track. Otherwise I also did enjoy using the social media platforms to expand my business. I learned a lot in terms of what to post and other smaller details such as google analytics to help finding my perfect target market and what they're looking for.

The social media platforms that integrate the best with a personal training business include Instagram and YouTube. I will attach a website to my Instagram and use both google analytics on my website and Instagram's business profile to monitor the results. Instagram is best for personal trainers because it's filled with potential clients that are browsing for advice or even to hire a personal trainer. These tools are extremely effective and helpful in finding out who visits my posts, what posts they spend the most time on or receive the most engagement, and therefore I can eventually provide posts that really resonate with my followers.

I think my business can spend a long period of time on social media marketing because it's a very effective method of posting content to receive exposure without a limit. The more active I am on social media, the more posts I create and like will increase the total amount of followers (potential clients) and exposure that my social media account will receive.

I will be posting everyday on Instagram starting 12/16. For the first week I will be posting a variety of content to better understand my current followers. Eventually once I find out what kind of content most people are looking for, I will start posting multiple times a day, once in the morning and once at night. This will help grow and sustain my business because I'll be able to target my audience and provide content they want to see.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Week 15 Blog Post 1:

After reading through the specifics of what exactly google analytics can do, I have picked a few that I believe will be the most beneficial in growing my business. The audience reports, specifically active users and the user explorer will help me understand how many of the users visit my website daily and what exactly they do on my business website. This will help me understand the users that really enjoy my page and content to better my content. The advertising reports of the Google Ads will give me specifics on who clicked on my Ads and visited the website. This will help me understand the demographic that is currently being targeted by that advertisement. In other words I can fine tune advertisements to either focus on a specific demographic or broaden my demographic to receive more exposure. The acquisition reports can also be useful, especially when combined with behavior reports, I can understand who exactly is interested in my website and why. The behavior of the users on my website will allow me to better the ease of use for common behaviors. Finally I believe that the conversion reports, specifically the goal flow will clarify the reasons for high drop-off rates or unexpected loops throughout the use of my website. I can fix these issues by targeting the source of the reason and fixing it so it doesn't happen for future conversions.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Week 14 Blog Post:

Displayed above, I created 3 advertisements. The banner advertisement is for Twitter or any placement where it can be used such as my website, Facebook, or even Instagram. The larger picture is the Facebook advertisement, and finally the square advertisement is targeting Instagram users. These advertisements will be effective because they have an aesthetically pleasing but attention grabbing look. It also has limited text and has a simple objective. The objective of all these advertisements is to expand my social media through targeting the 18-30 year old individuals. I believe that although these ads don't really show what they might be receiving, I was trying to make the most effective details to entice a potential client that will visit one of my social media pages to learn more.

An objective could be any of these: brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app instats, video views, messages, and store traffic. I feel as if the objective that makes the most sense for personal trainers would be reach or traffic. This is because once a potential client has been reached it really is up to the personal trainer to reel the client in. Although engagement, messages, or video views might seem important, those don't really bring clients to you. Those type of objectives do increase your overall reach though. In conclusion the most effective objective is reach.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Week 13 Blog Post 2:

As far as designing and implementing ads for social media using the principals of good design specifically regarding banner ads, I would use clear and concise wording, keeping it simple, aesthetic design, and making the banner ad instantly readable. Essentially regarding other social media advertisements, I will need to create a simple but eye catching advertisement that displays an example of what the results will be if you join my training program and even also giving a small but informative ad.

The sort of advertising that my business could use include any form of social media advertising really, but I believe that the most effective advertisement would be previous client statements explaining why they enjoyed my business and why they recommend others to try it. Other advertisements that can be effective are YouTube videos that display a short overview of the specific exercises to act as a teaser and have them wondering and looking forward to my training session! I believe I should use these advertisements at least once a week, slowly building a more consistent reach, then I believe posting an advertisement daily will be the best.

There are a few different formats for Facebook ads, video, photo, slideshow, carousel, and dynamic product ads. The most effective formats for my business would be video, photo, and slideshow formatted ads. The reason for this is because these types of ads each serve an effective purpose in displaying different information or products in the fitness industry. I would use photo advertisements to effectively display an outfit, supplement, or specific form for an exercise. Video formatted ads can be very effective for informational videos explaining exercises or diets. A slideshow can be very effective in displaying information and pictures of clients or exercises targeting specific areas. Again, regarding ads in general, I believe that once a week for any type of these advertisements will be the perfect amount to serve as a reminder and bring in new clients.

I have never used Instagram boost but I feel like if I used more hashtags and used a boost I'd really reach a lot of new users that I wouldn't have before.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Week 13 Blog Post 1:

1. I researched the top 5 personal trainers as of 2019. They all actually use the same social media platform as their main form of overall advertising, which in this case it's Instagram. I listed their names and Instagram pages at the end of this paragraph but I just wanted to explain what I found. Throughout scrolling through hundreds of posts, all of these personal trainers actually did many key things in common. They were posting almost everyday, their content was always something new, if it was an informational video it was kept short and to the point, and finally they all had some sort of theme or flow through their posts that can be noticed just through their smaller images. They all also advertised their packages at some point or had a website in their bio where their followers can purchase any of their services.
- Ben Bruno @benbrunotraining
- Katie Crewe @katiecrewe
- Jen Widerstrom @jenwiderstrom
- Kira Stokes @kirastokesfit
- Joe Holder @ochosystem

2. Scrolling through personal trainer pages on Facebook and YouTube, the only videos or posts that really draw my attention are labelled with capital letters and/or have a short informative message. Their call to action on Facebook and YouTube is the same as in Instagram but is seen much more often. They make their packages or services readily available especially things such as diet or workout plans that are claimed to be custom per individual can easily be found by many personal trainers using these platforms. They do use imagery and it is effective to a certain extent. Sometimes the images aren't relative to the post and just show someone working out which I don't even look at the picture anymore. I wouldn't say those ads are annoying but I don't think I'm alone on this but any post that is asking me to buy or pay for something makes me less inclined to purchase from them because I already know how to do that, in other words I didn't read their post to buy something from them necessarily.

3. Comparing the impact of traditional advertising to advertising done on Social media I would notice that many things are similar yet just digitized versions of traditional advertising methods. For example Craigslist or Ebay are like the magazines you used to buy and sell things. There are many other similarities but what I like to notice is that content created now isn't really the same. Society now gets bored really quickly and therefore you cannot really post anything unnecessary because people will view your business or content as pointless or too much therefore receiving no reach. Advertising done on Social Media, although specific methods must be applied to use effectively, is much more effective in my opinion because of the amount of possibilities it can provide you as a business. Especially the fact that it's free means that if you have been a business for a long time and the word of mouth has brought you many clients then Social Media will definitely bring you even more!